iOS 5 GM Coming By the End of September in Time for iPhone 5 Launch?

iPhone 5 Mock-up

Then again, it may just end up looking exactly like an iPhone 4…

According to a recent report, iOS 5 golden master is ready to hit by the end of September (via Ars) in time for the iPhone 5 launch in October. Golden Master, for those who don’t know, is the final build before the software goes live. It’s the developers’ last chance to make sure their apps work correctly and work out any last-minute bugs.

Golden Masters are also typically identical to the version that hits the public. Only once have we ever seen Apple change a GM version, and that only happens with major bugs. Small problems are just held over until the next update.

The rumor comes form analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who in a research note pointed out that iPhone assemblers are likely to receive the final iOS 5 build around the last week of September. It will be installed on the devices, including those that have already began production and likely ship around mid-October.

However, the question that remains right now is when the new handset will be revealed. Apple has typically shown off their new iPhone in the summer around June and releases it within the next few weeks. This is also when we will finally see the new device’s design and likely when we will learn that the iPhone is coming to Sprint as well, along with a release date, which will likely be the same date for all the carriers.

Also interesting is to note that the latest rumors say that the handset will look largely like the iPhone 4, with perhaps a few minor changes, most of which are under the hood.

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