iOS 5 Rumors: Beta 8 Due Friday and October Launch


iOS 5 is likely due within the next 30 days, and with the expected release come the rumors.

Looks like two big rumors coming from the world of iOS 5. Both are related to the upcoming launch of the new mobile operating system.

iOS 5 Beta 8 Coming Friday?

One of the latest rumors says that the new beta is set to arrive on Friday. Beta 8 is likely to include minor bug fixes and last minute updates as they prepare for the Golden Master version, which is reportedly set to release at the end of the month. Typically, we see the beta update frequency increase as the final build nears, so there’s nothing new there.

The rumor comes form BGR, which has been pretty spot-on with past iOS beta updates, so we have good reason to believe that this is accurate.


Hints at iOS 5 Release in Early October

This is in line with the earlier rumor (linked above) about iOS 5 GM coming at the end of the month. That rumor said that iOS 5 will be available around mid-October. October 10th may not be far from the actual release date. According to website Apple Insider, the new update may arrive on October 10th. The giveaway? The AppleCare division has internally told its employees to expect a rise in iOS-related questions on October 10th. Likely as people update and have questions for Apple about the new OS.


iPhone 5 Not Far Away?

Apple is likely ready to release the iPhone 5 soon after iOS 5 is released. We’ve seen that their servers don’t seem to struggle too much (Mac OS X Lion release went fairly well, and there were massive amounts of data involved there.) However, it’s probably a bit easier for everyone if they release the update and then launch the iPhone 5 a bit later to get a good chunk of that traffic out of the way.


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