iPad 2 Shipping Estimates Increased from 14 to 20 Million


iPad 2 Black and White Models

Looks like the iPad 2 is in high demand. According to the Taiwan Economic News (via 9to5Mac), Foxconn is increasing iPad 2 shipment estimates. It’s quite the bump, too. The original estimate, set in early July, was 14 million units. Now they are aiming for 20 million. That’s a 6 million increase.

Still, the report does say that one representative, while not commenting directly on the iPad 2, said that this is a normal move for the third quarter as it’s a good season for the electronic industry (we’re guessing the upcoming holiday shopping season has a lot to do with it.)

If things continue as they are, it is believed that the iPad 2 may surpass the original projection of 40 million units for the year.

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