iPhone 5 Accessories Hitting AT&T Retail?


 iPHone 5 Case ATT

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It looks like a few new accessories have hit AT&T stores, according to some photos that showed up around the internet today. If the photos are real (and they look pretty legit) it gives us one of the first definite ideas of what the iPhone 5 may look like.

First Definite Idea?

What we mean by that is this. We’ve seen plenty of mock-ups and we’ve heard rumors and just about anything else you can imagine. The difference here is that this is semi-official. AT&T is actually stocking up on these cases. It’s also worth noting that this stuff isn’t being picked up by the kid who works at your local AT&T store, these orders are obviously filled at the corporate level, so we’re sure someone important at AT&T has an idea of what the iPhone 5 will look like. At the very least, they know what a real iPhone 5 case is.

So How Does it Look?

It’s consistent with the other rumors. It has the tapered design, and it may be thinner. The other interesting part is that the mute switch is now on the other side of the unit. All of this is additional proof that the iPhone 5 may be a complete redesign rather than the rumor of the iPhone 4S (which, if real, would just be a very slightly redesigned iPhone 4).


Looking to Upgrade?

Because the iPhone 5 may be a complete redesign from the ground up, it’s more likely that users will switch to the new handset. However, many have said they won’t upgrade if the next iPhone happens to be a minor redesign such as the rumored iPhone 4S, which would just be a slightly updated iPhone 4.


Not official Until it’s Official?

Keep in mind that this isn’t actually an Apple announcement. That’s not to say that AT&T doesn’t know what the iPhone is going to look like. Either way, this is only a case. We’ve yet to see what the actual handset looks like. Will we see that larger Home Button? Will the screen be larger?

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