iPhone 5: More Hints at a Larger Screen and iPhone 5 Mockups?

 iPhone 5 Screen Protector_rumored

There are more rumors of a larger screen for the iPhone 5, thanks to recent photos (via unwire.hk).

The iPhone 5 can’t be very far away. The rumors keep coming, and it’s starting to sound more real with each coming week. We’ve heard rumors of a larger screen with edge-to-edge glass, and we’ve heard rumors of, and seen cases, that show a slightly larger iPhone 5.

Then there was an image that made a quick appearance on CaseMate’s website. They were promptly taken down, but BGR was able to get a snapshot.

iPhone 5 Casemate

The image above is supposedly an iPhone 5 screen protector. They have it up against an iPhone 4 to show the difference in size. This is something that’s been shown before with the many cases we’ve come across.

It’s impossible to say without a doubt that all of this is really happening, but we’ve seen so many cases and clues of a larger screen that it’s hard to ignore the possibility. The Home Button may also be larger, if all the stuff we see is to be believed. Again, these are all things we’ve heard on several occasions.

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