iPhone Carriers and Apple Stores Set Mid-October Employee Vacation Blackouts


As the expected iPhone 5 launch date nears, carriers expected to stock the iPhone are setting employee vacation blackouts for mid-October.

This is standard for iPhone and iPad release times as the two devices are very popular and generate a great deal of buzz. Apple, and iPhone carriers, want to have full staff on-hand for the crowds that will no doubt populate the stores.

Is the Hype Building?

The hype is definitely building in the Apple community. One of the major things here is that the new iPhone is going to be available on Sprint as well. That’s a huge plus for Apple and for Sprint. There are many users who have been wanting an iPhone, and what better way than to bring it to their network during a new product launch? We saw it with Verizon to an extent. While they are no doubt glad they were able to get the iPhone 4 earlier this year, we saw that the nearly year-old phone at the time didn’t quite generate the hype we had expected.


Why Blackouts?

Like we mentioned earlier. This is what the carriers and retailers do in order to make sure that they have enough staff to handle everyone wanting to buy a new iPhone. Other than that, there will be several people in there that can’t be handled quickly. People will be negotiating upgrade plans or asking about how/if they qualify for an early upgrade, etc. Some shortly after that will no doubt come in for troubleshooting or with questions about iOS. You have to remember that for many this may be a first iPhone and Sprint users especially may be new to the iOS platform. There will be questions.


Are You Waiting in Line?

Personally, not much of the iSmashPhone team seems to be the wait in line type. We just order the handset and wait for it to come in. However, we’ve done some product launches, and it’s always a little fun to be at, because you meet a lot of people who are all there for the same reason. It’s one of those things that’s fun to try at least once in your life. We’d suggest giving it a try one day if you haven’t.



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