iPod Touch 3G: Why it Makes Sense


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The iPod touch 3G has been rumored just a few times in the past. Today, we are hearing a bit more about it. the latest rumor isn’t anything particularly new or unknown other than just another report and word that it will be introduced alongside the iPhone later this month and that they are working with carriers on data-only services.

There are definitely reasons that this makes sense.

No Need to Wait for a Wifi Network

Many have the iPhone, but those who don’t may have an iPod touch. While on the road, it’s not always convenient to find a wifi connection. That’s when 3G comes in handy. Whether it’s to download or stream some music, it’s nice to have the iPod touch around. It’s also nice because it serves as a standalone media player. Nice for two reasons: It preserves our iPhone battery for when we need it, and we don’t have to worry about someone calling in the middle of a good song (which can be very annoying as it interrupts your music completely).

Mobile Carriers Becoming Internet Providers

There is some risk here on both sides. Cellular providers are quickly becoming internet providers. That’s where the risk can be for them. It may be a bit less for Apple as they seem to have bottomless pockets right now but there are many people with smartphones that do similar things. Still, many users will not even care about voice and may just want a dedicated media player. On top of that, many can use VOIP apps to use their device like an iPhone.

Apple hasn’t really said a lot about the iPod touch sales, but the most recent figure came from a filing in Apple’s Samsung lawsuit. It says that Apple has told over 60 million iPod touch units since 2007. That’s around 1.5 million per month. As we are in an increasingly connected world, demand for 3G and 4G devices will rise. Sony’s PlayStation Vita will come in a 3G-capable model and it seems to be the natural direction of mobile devices and gaming platforms.



iMessage may be the killer app here. It’s a feature that will be released with iOS5. We’ve learned that smartphones are being used less and less as actual phones. Data usage and SMS texting is taking over. It’s more convenient for many, and is great for getting quick messages across. iMessage will make it possible for all iOS users (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) to communicate with each other without necessarily having to have a cellphone plan. A simple flat rate, such as that offered with the iPad 3G models, say $15 or $30 a month, is ideal for some users. It will allow them to communicate with their friends on the iPhone very easily over a 3G network. Furthermore, depending on whether or not FaceTime gets an official update to let it work over 3G, we may see some more with that method as well.


Is a 3G iPod Touch for You?

There are many out there who use their iPhone primarily for apps. Is the idea of an iPod touch with 3G connection capabilities your kind of thing? The idea of accessing the browser, email or the music store quickly while on the road or using iMessage to talk to other friends using iOS devices is a nice idea.

Let us know in the comments.

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