Is 2011 The End of the iPod Classic and Shuffle?

 iPod Classic

Apple is at the top of their game right now. They keep releasing hit products, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Their computers are increasing in popularity, and the hype around the iPhone 5 is growing. Still, that doesn’t mean that everything in the Apple world is seeing those huge sales. The iPod classic just isn’t selling like it used to. It’s all about iOS right now and the classic just seems archaic when compared to what’s out there. It’s a good design, and it hasn’t changed in years. It’s great for just music or movies and TV shows if you don’t mind the smaller screen. Still, it doesn’t have the support of the App Store and the amazing array of applications that have made iOS devices so popular.

Will Apple kill off the iPod classic and iPod Shuffle this year?

Apple to Lay the iPod Classic and Shuffle to Rest?

According to some rumors that have been circulating (via AppleInsider), Apple may be planning to do just that. The reason, aside from the sales, which continue to drop based on Apple’s financials, is because Apple wants to unify their experience. In other words, they want to shift towards their popular multitouch interface and make that the highlight of their products. As you may know, the shuffle and the classic have physical buttons rather than multitouch screens like the ones found on the iPod touch, iPod nano (though the nano does not run on iOS. It’s a modified version of the iPod OS designed to look like iOS) and iPad.

It’s possible that the shuffle will also be replaced by the nano, but nothing is for sure yet. The only thing we have going on the iPod classic is the fact that Apple really has ignored it during press events and left it completely unchanged for some time now.

Let’s take a look at some of the sales figures for the last few quarters:

Q3 2011 – 7.54 million (20 percent decline from a year before) source

Q2 2011 – 9.02 million iPods (17 percent decline from a year before) source

Q1 2011 – 19.45 million iPods (seven percent decline form a year before. Worth noting that this quarter accounts for the holiday season) source



Apple Is Not Afraid to Say Goodbye to Products

Apple has no problem killing off a product entirely. Remember the classic white MacBook? Yeah, it’s gone. It was a fairly popular laptop. It began its life as the iBook, a cute little laptop with a colorful clamshell design. Later it took on the familiar white form and changed gradually over the years until 2009 when it took on the unibody construction. In 2011 it was discontinued and replaced with the $999 MacBook Air.


On the Bright Side…

On the bright side, this might mean huge discounts on iPod classics and shuffles as they try to clear out inventory. Again, we’re not totally sure they will discontinue the device, we’re just looking at sales and rumors and combining it with a bit of Apple history. The company doesn’t mind giving a device the Ol’ Yeller treatment if it’s no longer hot or if it no longer fits their vision.

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