Is This What iOS 5’s ‘Assistant’ Will Look Like? (Mock-Up)

iPHone 5 Assistant

Image Credit: Mac Rumors

We recently read about Apple’s Assistant feature. It’s possible that it will be the killer feature Apple shows off at their upcoming October 5th event.

Website MacRumors has created an image (above) of what those with knowledge of the technology have described. They say it pops up after holding down the Home Button for a few seconds. The microphone icon has a purple “flare” circling around it, telling the user that it’s ready for a command.

All of this was speculated on after Apple purchased Siri a while back. As anyone who uses the iPhone may know, the voice commands on the iPhone pale in comparison to Android. There isn’t a lot of functionality, the command set is very limited.

If Assistant is anywhere near as awesome and as detailed as we hear, we will be impressed. Skeptical isn’t the word we’re looking for, but we’re not going to let ourselves get our hopes up yet.

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