iVictrola Brings Classic Speaker Design Without the Need for Power

The iPad’s speaker may have a facelift from a technological downgrade.


There are a lot of personal speakers that are on the market to plug directly into your iPad to transform it into a portable stereo, but those may be a little too conventional.  The new iVictrola is a blast from the past that actually acts as a simple, yet incredibly effective, amplifier to the existing iPad speakers.


What the iVictrola does is takes the technology of the phonograph horn from the classic Magnavox design and smashes it into walnut wood, allowing the iPad to then filer its sound up and out of the coned opening.  This means that you can just insert the iPad into the slot and then have the music amplified through the horn, and all of this without plugging in to any power source.


At $985 is will likely not replace regular speakers for the average dorm room, but it is a high end option for people who want to step out of the average and bring in a classic elegance to their iPeripherals.

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