Logitech Harmony Link Transforms Your iPad Into An iRemote

Seems like everyone wants to contribute some share for the iOS. In a move, Logitech has just announced on bringing its leading Harmony brand over to tablets and smartphones. Tagged as Harmony Link, is set to arrive on the shelves this October with a price tag of $99.

The Harmony Link hardware is a simple disc which is placed near your entertainment system and acts as a link between the controller and the device using a local WiFi network. Just like every other Harmony remote, Infrared (IR) Blasters are used to connect the sleek disc to your cable box, TV or A/V hardware.

So what makes this product different to what other Harmony remotes offer?

The intelligently designed Harmony Link App turns the iPad into a universal remote. Instead of being just a normal touchscreen remote, the iPad app offers various other features. Finding TV programs have been made easy, you can just slide through the interactive TV listings and press ‘Watch Now’ to unleash the power of the Harmony Link, which would eventually switch your TV to the station selected. Other than that, the app allow features such as normal device controls and activity functions, generally offered with the Harmony remotes.

For a start, the interactive programming guide is only made available for the iPad whereas the iPhone and Android app will display the activity buttons and device controls.

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