Minor Updates to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Coming?

white iPod Touch

We all know by now that Apple is set to announce the new iPhone on October 4th. At least that’s what their latest press invite hints at.

What probably won’t get much mention during the event is the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch, but that doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t planning on updating them in some way. Unlike the recent reports about the iPod classic, Apple has reason to keep iOS devices like the iPod touch in the spotlight to some extent.

What Kind of Updates?

The updates are likely to be small under-the-hood things or a color update for the iPod touch. It’s possible that it will get a passing mention at the press event, but keep in mind that the event is all about the next-generation iPhone.

We also heard a while back that the iPhone 4 (as well as the iPhone 5) will be coming to Sprint. With that, there were rumors of an 8GB iPhone 4. To be totally honest it’s become quite a lot to keep up with.


White iPod Touch

There are also rumors of the white iPod touch. Apple has released a white iPad and a white iPhone 4, so it’s not hard to imagine an iPod touch to go along with them. This may be why two new codenames have shown up on Apple’s inventory system. The new codename is N81A. According to 9to5Mac, N81 is the current iPod touch, so it likely represents three new white iPod touch SKUs. It seems that the iPod touch 4th-gen will remain the same.


Small iPhone 4 Update?

Back to the iPhone 4. It doesn’t seem that it will see a major change. It may be that rumored 8GB model we heard about. As for the iPhone 5? That may be the iPhone codename N94, which has been reported as showing up in the iOS SDK in the past.


Anything Else from the October 4th Apple iPhone 5 Event?

We’re sure it will be iPhone-centric. We’ve already written about what we expect to see there. You can find it by hitting the following link: 6 Things we expect from the October 4th Event.


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