MOG Is Offereing a New Free Music Option


Free audio playback is solidly becoming the standard.


Services like Pandora and Last FM have begun to take the steam out of well-sorted and extensive collections of MP3s, and even that is being challenged by services like iCloud that will make the actual physical ownership of the data a thing of the past.  It may be a simple ploy to find a financial center at the heart of music sharing and a way for the industry to protect them from piracy, but the simplicity and ease of use are what is making it successful.

One of the newest of these free services is coming to MOG, which was already a paid subscription service that synced up online music with an entire hip blog section.  The apps are available for iOS and Android devices, which already gives it the same kind of edge that Pandora has on these devices.  In a recent development, MOG Freeplay has offered its complete library of 11 million songs without a charge.  It will instead give you advertising interruptions in the same way that the free Pandora accounts do.


MOG does different from Pandora in a number of key ways, mainly around its music social networking.  There is a certain amount of play time that you will get before advertising interruption, and you get more time when you share with others through the social networking tool and use the service.  This is not to take away from MOGs pay service, which gives you the free and clear version for only five bucks.  MOG Freeplay will only allow a couple months ad free, so you will have to begin considering if you should add it to your growing list of media subscriptions via your web browser.

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