MusicLites Puts an iPhone Speaker Into a Light Bulb


iOS device peripherals may be taking a step towards consolidation.


MusicLites, a new product line developed by audio tech company Artison and the Osram Sylvania lighting company, is now releasing what it labels as “a first of its kind wireless light speaker combination.”  This design take a 10 Watt LED bulb and matches it with the technology of an audio receiver and a 70 mm high fidelity loudspeaker to create a singular device that you can use with an input from an iPhone or similar device.

The practical application of having a light bulb / speaker combination is really up to the user, but the examples they have given range from the lights in conference rooms to those in your bathroom.   The real idea here is to eventually wire a location with speakers from a remote source that will fit just in the light bulbs themselves, or perhaps to eventually work this into a club set up where the audio systems and light patterns are one.  The lights themselves can be dimmed through a controllable remote, and you can get the audio from a device using three transmitters themselves.

iPhone Transmitter

To plug into these light speakers you use one of the MusicLites transmitters that utilize the 30-pin connector to attach a transmission signal to the iPad, iPod, or iPhone.  This allows you to keep the device remote and still connect to three lights, though hopefully future models will actually allow you to do this with several dozen at once.  There are also more basic USB and mini jack universal transmitters, which give you options beyond the iWorld.


MusicLites has been a popular topic recently and people are excited about what this could mean for the mobile world, but right now it is only a marginal improvement.  The device itself is quite wonderful and could be useful in a small-scale setting, but until the audio quality is perfected and more bulbs are allowed per transmission it will only be a fun novelty rather than the standard.

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