New Epson Projector Built for the iPhone

There seems to be an iPhone peripheral for just about any function.


The iPhone has begun to attract accessory designers for just about every possible use.  The iPhone has proven itself to really master just about all mass media forms, which makes it easy to work as the portable content center for some type of delivery system.  The new Epson Megaplex Projector takes this iPhone accessory idea a step further, allowing you to project the video content that you have stored for playback on your device.  Simply put, you place the iPhone into a slot similar to one you have on portable iPhone speakers and then the Epson Megaplex Projector projects a 720p HD image at 2800 lumens.

Though it is posed as an iPhone projector, it really works as more than that.  You also have HDMI, composite, and component inputs if you want to use a source beyond your portable device.  This is important since the Epson Megapixel Projector clocks in at $800, but it is still primarily functioning, as an iPhone projector because it puts the iPhone’s needs central to its design.  The image remains very clear with its 3LCD project system, which is more than you could expect to get from any similar device just a couple years ago.


What this iPhone projector really signifies is a change in how companies see the concept of an iPhone accessory.  Instead of dealing with home media systems as a stationary unit they may start dealing with empty consoles that allow you to then plug in portable devices that hold the content.  This could become especially true as cloud based systems like iCloud become the standard, or it could actually limit that ability of smartphones to have this type of accessory pull since it would provide low cost content solutions for home theater systems.  It all really depends on what Apple does with its device, and they have not made many wrong moves yet.

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