New iPad Multitasking Mock Up Video

iOS multitasking still has a long, long way to go baby.


The concept of multitasking, which is operating multiple applications at once, has been a dream of iOS users since the first model of the iPhone.  It was only recently that we were finally granted this feature, and most were elated until they realized it wasn’t up to par.  Instead of making things instantly accessible easily, it just meant that they stayed open in some bar that is out of sight and out of mind.  To find it you have to press the Home button twice and then slide back and forth along a tray of still open apps.


This is not a perfect system, but on the iPhone it at least makes sense.  Since there is such a small space it is reasonable to assume that you will only have a few objects available, and that you would have to slide over more icons to work with.  This becomes a problem on the iPad, however, since its wide open touch screen spaces are not being utilized that well and you still have to slide back and forth.  There has to be another way.

Marcos Antonio de Lima Filho recently gave it a shot on his own to show how this could work differently, and instead allows you to go from the actual apps window instead of just the icon.   This lets you slide between open apps in a way that resembles Safari’s tabs, as well as having the bar with the open app icons that will then let you pull them down into open slots.  This is an ingeniously simple option that would be a great credit to the iOS on further tablet models.  It is a shift to this new option would likely be what is needed to begin transferring the perception of the iPad as a large iPod and possibly even give it the speed and necessity to be used as a new type of mobile computer.


His video proves that the iOS can be a constantly evolving system even at its most crucial levels.  At the very end he puts forth a plea for a job from Apple.  I hope they listen.

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New Multitask Interface for iOS from Marcsheep on Vimeo.

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