New iPhone 5 Parts Surface…Supposedly.


iPhone 5_Supposed_A5_Chip

No one right now knows whether or not these are real. We’re not going to bet on either. It comes from Weibo, according to reports, which is basically just a Twitter-like service.

The image above shows what is allegedly a set of components from the upcoming iPhone 5. It’s not laid out like the innards of an iPad 2, either. However, it does look somewhat more like the iPhone 4 with an A5 chip (the real question is whether that A5 imprint on the phone is real or not.). Website 9to5Mac does believe that the ‘A5’ is a bit off and that the blurriness of the image makes them a bit skeptical.

If real, this also shows that the next iPhone may have the same 1420 mAh battery.

What are your thoughts? Legit, or faked?


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