Pulse App Coming to the Windows Phone

Pulse is extending its reach to Windows.


The Pulse app service has been present on the iOS and Android, and is now making its way over to the Windows Phone.  What Pulse attempts to do is to sync up to different news websites that you want to follow and have them feed into the App, creating tiles that allows you to see images of what is top of the list at those sites.


The design is perfect for touch screens, especially on the iPad, as you can slide through the listed tiles to quickly see what is up at your most trusted sources without having to either go into the browser to find them or even just a specific app, which would not allow you a broad view of everything you want to consider.  Pulse has proven exceptionally useful for many users, especially since some people now check a half a dozen news sources and blogs before they even start their day.  The project has taken off from its humble roots as a project from some graduate student’s at Stanford’s Institute of Design, and Apple has even popped it into its App Store Hall of Fame.


This free news app has been so successful that developers Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta think it is time to open it up to one more device that they see having potential: the Windows Phone.  There simply have not been as many Windows Phone apps available that would rival the likes of the Apple App Store, or even the Android, but as the device more thoroughly permeates the smartphone culture you may begin to see this change.


When you actually see the Pulse Windows Phone app you are not going to be surprised as they ported over the basic concept seen on the iPhone and Android well, allowing perspective based layouts of the various live tiles, allowing you to slide up to down or left to right.  You just then tap the selected story and it can open up in the main display, even giving you the option of maintaining some sort of view of the remaining tiles.  This goes even further as the Pulse Windows Phone app will actually let you select your sources from different groupings, such as Business, Fun & Humor, Entertainment, or other categories.    In general, the principle and design remain the same on the Windows Phone and is simply a way for you to easily browse sources that you are already inclined to.  Hold on just a few more days before the Windows powered device gets this new leg up.  It really is about time.

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