Raising Money for a New Fish Shaped iPhone Charger Keeper

Even iPhone accessories are accessorizing.


The new fun CableKeeps is a project just trying to get off the ground through Kickstarter, and they are running out of time to meet their financial goal.  What the CableKeeps does is spice up your cell phone charger with a little fish design that ranges from a yellow shark missing its head to an open mouthed green goldfish.  This adds functionality because the contraption allows you to wrap your chord around the tail of the fish, thereby securing it.  This allows you to travel more easily with your charger without having things dangling around and getting caught or damaged.

Because of the open financial nature of CableKeeps you will find that they have been incredibly open about their production methods.  The product is made in Woodinville, WA, and is done with new environmental standard in mind.  The products are not actually being manufactured currently, but the molds will be created from their models once the financial goal is met.  The money that they are raising is simply to get the costs of the prototypes and design, all of which is important to the creation of a brand new product line.  The peripheral itself will likely do well since it will provide a fun and low cost solution to charger chord care, which is something that most people look for in the new minimal designed chargers.


Kickstarter allows people to put up projects that need funding and then ask for donations, offering gifts to the donors for different levels.  The catch here is that when you set a financial goal you must actually reach that amount for you to get any of the donated money, and if you do not the people pledging the dollar amounts simply will not get charged.  With only a couple days left, CableKeeps need all the help they can get to meet their close goal.

Check Out the Kickstarter Page for CableKeeps to Learn More and Pledge a Contribution!

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