Redsn0w 0.9.9b1 Jailbreak Released – Major Improvements And Features

A few hours back, @MuscleNerd fired off a tweet confirming the release of a new Redsn0w jailbreak which can be downloaded for Mac and Windows Users immediately. The iPhone Dev Team released a major update tagged as Redsnow 0.9.9b1, which had been promised with a variety of improvements and features.

The complete set of new features include:

1.“Just boot” is a tethered boot.  Uses whatever “Preferences” you’ve set for boot logo and kernel boot-args

2. “Pwned DFU” puts your device in a pwned DFU state for some of the iTunes stuff detailed below

3. “Recovery fix” gets past 1015 types of errors (when baseband portion of restore fails).  Should work on iOS5 beta too

4. “Select IPSW” is for picking non-public IPSWs, or overriding auto-detection

5. “SHSH blobs” has a bunch of options…

6. “Fetch” – fetch current PARTIAL blobs on device.  Should complete in under 10 or 15 seconds.  Puts the set of PARTIAL of blobs on your computer as a plist.  Checks if Cydia already has a full set for this device and build.  If not, it submits this PARTIAL set and returns Cydia’s acknowledgement or rejection

7. “Verify”  – cryptographically verifies existing blob files from either redsn0w, TinyUmbrella, or Cydia server.  You can select a whole bunch of blobs to verify at once if you want (like the TinyUmbrella directory)

8. “Submit”  – both verifies and submits one or more blob files to Cydia.  This lets you copy your entire TinyUmbrella cache of blobs up to the Cydia server

9. “Query” – queries the Cydia server for all available FULL or PARTIAL blobs for a given set of ECIDs

10. “Stitch” – stitches either FULL or PARTIAL blobs to a STOCK or CUSTOM IPSW

Furthermore, we present our readers with a quick walk-through inside the Redsn0w version 0.9.9b1 below:

1. After loading the “.exe” file, you would be welcomed by a screen which displays two tabs, “Jailbreak” or “Extras”.

2. Upon selecting “Extras”, the jailbreak tool would display a wide variety of tabs such as Just Boot, Pwned DFU, Recovery Fix, etc.

3. In order to Jailbreak and install iOS 5 Beta 7 over your iDevice, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the DFU mode.

4. If all goes well, Redsn0w would identify your iOS device and display a message informing you on which IPSW file it needs.

5. Finally, select Install Cydia which would eventually install Cydia on your iOS device.

Download Redsn0w 0.9.9b1 for Windows [here]

Download Redsnow 0.9.9b1 for Mac [here]


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