Report: Apple Has Two Camera Lens Suppliers for iPhone 5

iPhone Camera


According to a recent report, Apple has hired on Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical to manufacture lenses and camera modules for the upcoming iPhone 5. This news comes from CENS.

Website TAUW points out that both have manufactured parts for the iPhone 5 camera in the past, and it makes sense that Apple would continue with them going onward. We have also heard in the past that Japan-based Sony is going to be providing the 8MP sensor that is rumored to be part of the iPhone 5. The sensor itself  and some connection to Apple was confirmed by Sony CEO Howard Stringer, but the iPhone 5 part of it is just speculation.

Popularity of smartphones is also good news for component suppliers as they have seen huge increases in demand for camera lenses. It’s interesting to see an industry benefit from another that it isn’t necessarily a part of.

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