Report: Apple Working on New Online Diagnostic Tool for iOS

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According to a recent report, Apple has been working on a new diagnostic tool that will be used through mobile Safari on iPhone.

Website HardMac says that Apple internally announced that they have added the finishing touches to these diagnostic tools.

We haven’t heard about this before, but according to HardMac, the diagnostic tool would work by sending the user an email, which would contain a link that will take them to a url containing the tools which will conduct checks on the device. Results are then sent to Apple servers. It will run basic tests to check the battery health, minimum level to which the battery has been discharged, version of iOS it’s currently running and whether it was turned off normally the last time it was shut down.

The report says that the only information collected from the user will be the UUID of the phone, the iPhone’s name and the daily call time calculation.

Importantly, they do add that they don’t know if the system will detect jailbreaks. It’s also not known is this is something that will be introduced as part of iOS 5 or with the iPhone 5.

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