Report: iPhone 5 Seeing Slight Delay?


iPhone 4 Closeup

This kind of sucks for some who are patiently awaiting the day that the iPhone 5 arrives. A recent report says that the iPhone 5 may see a small delay. It’s nothing specific, but we’re probably talking weeks, hopefully not months.

What gives? The New York Times has an explanation.

The problem is reportedly due to manufacturing problems with the iPhone 5, which is said to have a teardrop shape (much like looking at the MacBook Air from the side. It starts wide and tapers down). However, at this point it’s hard to say as the rumors about the design keep changing. Either way, one of the assembly lines is said to be having trouble with the handset, and it may be slightly delayed. That said, there may also be shortages into 2012.

There is also news about the less expensive iPhone, which has been dubbed by many the iPhone 4S. It’s basically an 8GB iPhone 4 as far as we know. That one is said to be on the way with no problems. It’s also reported that it will be offered in both prepaid and post-paid plans.

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