Report: Sprint iPad May Be On the Way


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We’ve heard rumors of the Sprint iPhone 5 and an 8GB iPhone 4. It only seems natural that we’d hear rumors about the iPad coming to Sprint, too.

Looks to be the case, says 9to5Mac.

According to two reports, it seems than an iPad may be around the corner as well. However, things get a bit messy. So let’s see what each report says:

Sprint iPad 4G?

Okay, this one is very difficult to believe. For one, we doubt that a 4G iPad is happening anytime soon. If it’s coming it’s coming next year, at the earliest. The main problem with the report is that it pins a 2012 release on the Sprint iPhone 5. While not out of the realm of possibility, it seems high unlikely as most of the information we’ve read says it’s coming in October.


Sprint iPad 2 Coming Next Month?

Another report says that the Sprint iPad may be coming as early as next month. This is more believable, as we are already expecting the iPhone 5 in October. If the report is accurate, the iPad is already prepped for Sprint’s data network and it may come alongside the iPhone 5 or soon after release.


Sprint Users, iOS for You?

The iPhone is a huge seller. Many Verizon users were happy when it became available on their network. It’s likely to be coming to Sprint now. Does the thought of that interest you?



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