Rumor: Amazon Wants to Buy Up Palm Division of HP


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A long time ago, HP bought up Palm for $1.2 billion. Palm was in a lot of trouble at the time, and maybe they needed to be scooped up.

Well, it doesn’t seem like HP knew what to do with it, because at one point they were talking about webOS printers. Made us wonder if they were really going to be the cool tech company they wanted to be with Palm, or if they were going to just continue making printers for offices.

Amazon Looking At Palm?

Amazon recently launched their tablet device, the Kindle Fire. Many compare it to the iPad, but it seems more like a Nook Color killer than anything. Before that, they had a successful platform going on with the original Kindle line of products. They were popular and home to one of the largest selections of digital books available. They still are. They have also managed to drop prices as low as $75 dollars on their standard reader line. In other words, they are serious about handheld reading or media consumption devices. At $199, a Kindle Fire isn’t a bad media device, whether or not it’s a direct competitor with the iPad.

The problem? It runs on Android, which we’ve heard can be quite the lawsuit magnet. By acquiring Palm (via AppleInsider), Amazon could get their own OS to run their devices on and likely the patents that come with it. Helping to keep them out of hot water.


The HP Tablet 

HP announced, released and killed the Touchpad earlier this year. It just went to show that they weren’t quite ready, nor did they know how to handle the tablet market. Perhaps it’s just an iPad market right now, but it was short-lived.

Still, if Amazon picks up that Palm division, it seems that they may have a better idea of what to do with it than HP did.


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