Rumor: Sprint Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan With iPhone

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Here’s a juicy rumor coming from Bloomberg: The Sprint iPhone 5 will have an unlimited data plan. The handset is planned for an October launch according to most of the reports we’ve read, including the Wall Street Journal, which broke news of the Sprint iPhone 5 and even an iPhone 4 on Sprint, which many believe will be Apple’s new, lower-cost iPhone targeted at budget shoppers.

If the rumor is true, Sprint will be the only carrier with the iPhone (AT&T and Verizon also carry the iPhone) that offers an unlimited data plan. This would put them ahead of their rivals as far as what they offer vs price as data caps have been a huge issue in the last two or so years.

Many of us, especially early iPhone adopters, remember AT&T offering unlimited data plans at one time. They killed that a while back, and after that, started truly enforcing those caps. Now Sprint plans to offer unlimited data. Competition is good.



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