Six things We Know About Sony’s Tablet S and Tablet P


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We’ve been hearing a bit here and there about Sony’s tablets. Formerly just known as the S1 and the S2, details about them have been fairly minimal and the announcements have been spread out.

Sony recently announced a few more details about the tablets, such official names and pricing. Let’s take a look at some of the new things we’ve learned about the tablets and what we can expect to see from them.

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1) Designed to be held comfortably

Sony’s Tablet S takes on a unique design. It’s tapered at one end and the other side is rounded, like a folded magazine. It doesn’t aesthetically pleasing at first, but it actually looks nice. Even better, the curve is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand. This is especially useful for one-handed use, such as reading.

The tapered design also lends itself well to desk use. Placing it so that the thin end is closer to you puts the screen at a slight slope. It’s a nice way to watch if you just want to sit up and let it rest on the table. This also makes it more ideal for typing.

 Sony Tablet s - 2

2) Tablet S Specs

Sony’s Tablet S has a 9.4-inch touchscreen at 1,280 x 768. It is loaded with a 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor. This is all fairly standard for a tablet, but it should be sufficient for regular use.


3) 3G and wifi-only

Tablet S will be released in mid-September. This one will be wifi-only. This may be ideal for the at-home user. Many will find that a wifi-only device does much of what they need. For those who want a wifi+3G tablet, the wait ends November. It’s Tablet P.


4) Tablet P has Two Screens

 Sony Tablet P - 01

Tablet P can be folded and fit in your pocket

Tablet P is a dual-screen device. It’s a tablet tat somewhat reminds us of the Nintendo DS. It has a clamshell design, and opens to reveal the two-screen layout. This would also make it ideal for a reader that enjoys a more book-like feel. Each screen is 5.5 inches.

Sony Tablet P - 2


5) Pricing

The Tablets will have more or less standard pricing. Tablet S starts at $499. As previously mentioned, it’s a wifi-only with 16GB storage. The 32GB model is $599.



6) Runs on Honeycomb

The tablets run on Honeycomb. Tablet S runs on Android 3.1 and Tablet P runs on Android 3.2. Honeycomb is the tablet-optimized version of Google’s mobile operating system.


Will Sony Succeed?

The tablet market seems tough to break into right now. The iPad is immensely popular, and no other tablet has yet been able to grab the spotlight. However, Sony has a great design on their hands. If anything, it’s one other option for tablet shoppers, and it looks to be a nice one.



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