Sphero is a Smartphone Controlled Cat Ball

We all know that the iPhone can be a remote control, but this goes far beyond running your stereo or remote lighting scheme.


The new Sphero device, which has been developed by Orbotix, is a cat friendly light up ball that will run around your house, keeping your feline hot on its tail.  What is interesting about this is that it is actually controlled by your iPhone, which allows you to determine exactly what it is doing while having a little distance.


The ball is a somewhat translucent orb with a bing light built in that will roll around, seemingly on its own.  Along with it you will use apps on your iPhone to control it, and the KittyCam app will allow you to plug into the ball’s point of view onto your touch screen.  Here you can see what it sees as well as control it, which is great if you want to do this from several feet away and want a ground’s eye view of exactly what your cat is plotting.

Orbotix will not release Sphero and its app counterparts until later this year, but it does mark another step in the new trend of having full peripheral devices that do singular functions.  It used to seem somewhat odd to have a relatively expensive device that required iPhone app control, but with smartphones quickly becoming the standard it seems to make a lot of sense to market a device like Sphero knowing that enough people have the controller already to make it practical.

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Sphero + Cats from GoSphero on Vimeo.

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