Tesla Wars Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


Very few things are as much fun as shooting little stick figures with the lightning bolts of a tesla coil as you watch them explode into chunky little bits of blood. Yeah, it’s a bit violent, but they’re only stick figures.



The concept is simple. You sit at the center of the screen as the little guys run towards your tesla coil in an attempt to destroy it. They begin simply by just beating it up and they try to drain your health. All you have to do is touch them and make them explode. As horrible as it sounds, it’s kind of satisfying to see them get hit with a short bolt then fall and continue their way crawling. Little details like that add to the charm, because what’s more charming than watching a determined stick figure  crawl towards you as you shoot him with a bolt of lightning to make him explode.


Don’t Let the Game Fool You

Yeah. This game tricks you. The first few levels lead you to believe that it’s going to be an easy, smooth ride.  Don’t let it fool you. It gets much, much tougher. You have to monitor your health and energy level (energy is basically your ammo). The attackers start coming in droves and carrying weapons along so they can really do some damage. Soon you are using multiple fingers in hopes of keeping up with the chaos. It’s harder to keep up with than it sounds. Luckily, you can upgrade your arsenal for stronger attacks and more. This will help you get through. Even then, once those guys start running in, things can get crazy.



The game is fun. It’s a little violent (if that kind of stuff bothers you), but all the blood splatters are temporary and the characters are all stick figures. We got a kick out of it, and the game is free. We enjoyed the heck out of, and it’s a fun little way to kill time on the bus ride home. Actually, it’s a fun way to kill time no matter what you’re doing.

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