The First Quad-Core Smartphone is an Imitation Available in China


The iPhone better get moving, because its clones are closing in.


Largely considered a great iPhone imitator, the Meizu phone is going to be the first smartphone on the market that holds a quad-core processor.  This device is picking up where the M9 left off, and will probably prove a superior device for the Chinese market.  This device brings in a full 4.3-inch qHD screen, which actually surpasses the size of the iPhone 5’s while matching the retina display.  The iPhone 5 is really only rumored to have the same A4 dual-core processor that the recent iPad 2 did, which means that Meizu will remain the only quad-core smartphone around.


Both Meizu and the iPhone 5 are assumed to have an eight-megapixel camera with a flash as well as models available in 16 and 32 GB storage space.  To this day there is no telling how this device is going to fair on the world market since it stays regional to China, and there really have not been enough tests to determine if that processing power ends up being a burden on the battery life.  Smartphone battery life has always been a consistent issue, and with a quad-core smartphone it may prove to surpass the limits of what it has developed.

If American audiences do really want to get their hands on a quad-core smart phone then they can get models for $625 and $780, respectively.  This does not, however, indicate that they will be getting a superior device by any means.  Things like processing power do indicate some things that the device can do, but having a device that has the correct apps, works best in your region, and is designed to fit you as a user makes more sense.  Even the quad-core smartphone design may not ensure its speed to anyone outside of China, and there may be other technological and service issues that could even hinder it there.  Right now it all remains to be seen.

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