The iPhone 4 is the Thinnest Phone in the UK

Cell phone vanity is made up of the weirdest qualities.


It is never going to be the largest phone of them all, or even the smallest in the case of the smart phone wars.  Instead, it is who has the thinnest phone around, and the iPhone 4 has just been voted the clear winner.  The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority has now publicly declared the iPhone to be the thinnest smart phone in the country.  The declaration comes in the form of an approval to use that statement in their advertising, which, if untrue, would have been banned by the department.


This has been a major point of contention since Samsung immediately jumped on the decision, pointing out that the Galaxy S II is only 8.71mm at its thinnest point.  The iPhone 4 is 9.3mm, which would put it at a close second.  Instead, the UK’s ASA said that the Galaxy S II is uneven and has a point on it that is 9.91 mm, and the iPhone is 9.3 mm at its widest since it is a consistent width all the way down.


This has been an interesting battle point between two companies, and is still a nice victory for Apple.  How true the claim is does not have an objective answer, and at a certain point in the device the Galaxy S II is thinner than the iPhone 4.  The real question here is whether or not the actual difference in thinness is a buying point for people, and if the debate is actually going to be between the Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4 for people in the market.  The real answer is that it doesn’t matter so much except that Apple wants just another claim to stack together in their advertising campaign, and Samsung would like to damage their credibility just a little bit.  Doesn’t look like its going to work this time.

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