The iPhone Case for Your Ear

Forget your OtterBox, its time to spice up the iPhone case market!

Most people get their iPhone cases simply to protect it when they drop it under their bar stool at 2 AM, but a few designers are trying to run with it into a place of cultural irony.  A new design from EARonic, who could barely stand how clever they were with their choice of company name, has come up with a series of cases that look like the ear and face of the user.  When pushed up against your face it will look as through it is not there, giving the impression that it is just the side of the face.

There are a whole number of different facial options provided, just in case you thought you might be left out.  Blond woman, slight beard, bluetooth reciever in their ear, and several others.  The real strange thing about it is that you end up looking as though you are holding an ear up to your own ear.  That must be some kind of post-modern wasteland.

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