The New Padzilla iPad Case Turns Your iOS Device Into a Table

There have been a lot of different iPhone and iPad tables out there, but few come ready to order.


The newest Padzilla iPad case from Crunchy Logistics allows you to plug in your iPad and then turn it into a coffee table sized device.  What this does is allows you to mount in your standard iPad and it allows for you to interact with the device with the table as a proxy.  This is a made to order device that come in various sizes, and even as big as over fourteen feet when measured diagonally.  These tables are also able to pick up for other computer and gaming devices, though the design resembles an iOS device and is best suited for it.  You will not have to alter your iOS device to work with this strange Crunchy Logistics technology, and it is a much more “plug and play” option than other tables such as the iTableous.


The reality is that the Padilla iPad case, which is not really a case at all, is not financially accessible to most iOS users.  It can run between $30 and $40,000, which is a stretch for even the most well off.  What it does show, however, is that the market is reasonable enough to warrant a legitimate first party table tablet incarnation, and most sources point to the fact that Apple is working on one of these.  Though this coming device may run on the iOS or some type of similar operating system, it will likely be much more than just a blown up iPad.  Of course, that’s what people said about the iPad in relation to the iPhone.  That call is up to you.

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