This is What The iPhone 5 May Look Like (Mock-Up)

Images from BENM.AT

Apple fans a awaiting the official announcement of the iPhone 5. During all that, many are speculating and wondering about what the new handset will look like and what kind of features it will make use of.

We’ve seen mock-up after mock-up and we’ve seen iPhone clones that look as it they could be the next iPhone, but this is one of the first times that we’ve seen someone actually build a mock-up out of physical materials. Most are Photoshop work or computer rendered images.

The iPhone shown above is obviously not real, but it’s built by a person who took all the rumors and images of supposed cases and turned it into something that could be put side-by-side with current iPhone models.

iPhone Mock-up Physical 2

Images from BENM.AT

The result isn’t bad. We can’t wait to see what the real handset looks like just to compare it to the mock-ups we’ve seen.

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