Tourist Angel – Segway Now Features An iPad Mount

You might have heard on iPhone mounts for your car or bicycle but maintaining the pace in the developing world, the modern man seems to be adopting Segways as the mode of travel. One such electric vehicle was spotted in Rome which attracted the crowd not due to the being in a different color or something but being equipped with an iPad. Tagged as “Tourist Angles” the electronic transport is now powered with an iDevice to help tourists find their way around the city.

The tourist guides have the ability to answer all the questions and that too in a correct way due to Segways being equipped with an iPad. The idea was well received by tourists.

Segway’s are surely a ton of fun to ride and this two wheel moving machine has been able to gather attention for tourists checking out new cities. Segways are available in major cities like Berlin, Paris and London. These tours provide visitors a fully charged Segway along with an iPad providing tourist information as they cruise around and explore the city.

Creative folks at German Segway deal Segway Point in Friedberg Hessen gave birth to the newly designed custom iPad Segway mount. The mount is conveniently attached to Segway’s handlebar giving an easy view to the rider. iPad owners can conveniently pull up maps to navigate city streets or listen to music while traveling on their Segway.

Each Segway iPad mount is made of high-quality ABS plastic and is immediately available at an attractive price of $160.

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