Trading In Your iOS Device: Where to Trade in Your iOS Device


With the iPhone 5 right around the corner, some users may want to start looking for a place to trade-in their iPhone 4. Sometimes sooner can be better in this case as you don’t want the value to depreciate because you chose to wait too long and the iPhone 5 is released before you ever go through with your trade-in. Let’s take a look at some of the many places you can trade in your iOS device.

1) GameStop


GameStop recently announced that they are taking trade-ins for iOS devices. This includes iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This goes to show how important the devices are becoming in the gaming community as well as the tech area. GameStop knows that many gamers own iOS devices, and it’s just one more way to cash in. Strangely they have not yet announced plans to start selling the devices, but that will probably come soon. They couldn’t just be buying them all to keep around a warehouse, right? A word of caution, GameStop has never exactly been known for their generosity when it comes to trade-ins with games and consoles, so don’t expect a lot. Link



2) Best Buy

Best Buy also accepts trade-ins. The nice thing (all but GameStop seem to have this, unless we missed it) is that you can get an estimate for your device. Everything is based on what you supply with it and the overall condition of the device. They obviously don’t want your broken iPhone. However, you can check off the list for the model and any minor cosmetic damage, etc. Link




3) Amazon 

Amazon is okay for trade-ins from what we’ve seen. The only problem some may have with them is that they place a lower value on the Verizon iPhone. This is likely because of the chipset, which isn’t as commonly used worldwide as the GSM chip in the AT&T version. Still, it’s something that users looking to trade-in will want to keep in mind while trying to sell their old handset. Link


4) Gazelle

Gazelle is another popular service for trading in your old gadgets. Honestly, we think their rates are fair. An added bonus is that they will clear all of your data for you in the event that you don’t know how. That’s always nice to know. This is a good first stop for your trade-in, but we always recommend comparing. Link


5) Apple

Yup, Apple will buy back your stuff, too. The nice thing is that if you are trading in you get an Apple gift card. That on it’s own isn’t a big deal, but if you are trading in because you want the next iPhone model, it’s worth doing because the money is going towards that anyway. Link


The Most Important Thing To Remember About Trade-Ins

There is a trade-off with trade-ins (try saying that five times real fast). The great thing is that unlike eBay or Craigslist, you don’t have to deal with auctions or feedback or other people at all. You just send it in and get your money. Done. The trade-off for that convenience its that you often get a lot less money. Keep in mind that the only reason Amazon or any of those other folks want to buy your iPhone is so that they can sell it off with a huge markup and make profit. It’s business, so it’s expected, but just keep those things in mind when trading in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


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