TruConnect Offers Low Cost Solution For iPad WiFi Only Models

Sporting an iPad Wi-Fi only model? Tired of looking for WiFi hotspots? TruConnect is proud to unveil a new 3G MiFi device, available for $90. So what makes this TruConnect device different? Whereas MiFi mobile hotspots aren’t new, consumers are required to sign up for a data contract. This device uses Sprint’s nationwide 3G network with no strings attached for a contract and the monthly service is solely based on the amount of bandwidth used. 

With TruConnect’s MiFi, attached with a $4.99 monthly charge, even if the MiFi goes unused, the device is a readily available mobile broadband connection for connecting up to five notebooks or tablets. For those who think, Sprint‘s tariff is a bit higher than what they already use, the device can even be used for a backup connection, in case you have a broadband outage, by just paying the small monthly charge.

Moreover, TruConnect provides 1 MB of data for $0.039 cents which obviously is not a better solution for users who routinely use 1 GB or more of data. Such type of users should rather adopt a traditional MiFi plan from other carriers or tiered MiFi prepaid plan.

A Personal Opinion: For those who have recently bought a tablet or a notebook and are looking forward on staying connected, TruConnect’s MiFi is surely an ideal solution.

Furthermore, TruConnect is also offering a 3G USB stick for $70 powered by Novatel Wireless with the same data plan.


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