Turntable.fm for iPhone Hands-On (Review)


We’ve been spending some time with the Turntable.fm for iPhone. The app is made for people who enjoy listening to music, but relies on the service’s social elements.

How it Works

Users start out in the lobby and search for a genre they enjoy. From there, they can drop in and listen to to other users as they DJ by playing back one of their favorite playlists. The real benefit here is that you can listen to artists in a genre you like with other like-minded users and perhaps find new artists you hadn’t heard before.

You can also DJ, but that is a little harder to do, because you have to find a room with an available DJ slot. Sometimes, you will find an empty seat at the DJ table and that’s when you can step up to the plate and playback some music. Music can be voted Awesome or Lame.


Is it Fun?

The App works much like the website. You can log in with your Facebook profile, and you can share what you are listening to on your social networks or email the current track name to a friend. That may be great for some people, but you will often find yourself just listening to someone else’s playlist. That works for many, especially those who enjoy applications like Pandora or others that allow users to stream music radio-style. However, for those who have grown to love services like Spotify, and the idea of creating your own playlists, may not be as interested. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the latter. I prefer listening to the music I want to listen to when I want to listen to it. Still, that doesn’t make it better or worse, just different, and it all depends on how you enjoy listening to music.



While we can’t honestly say that the app was an iSmashPhone favorite. It’s obviously popular. Users who enjoy the website will likely enjoy the iPhone app. We tried it on both the iPhone and the iPad (scaled up) and it works well over both wifi and 3G. For kicks we tried it on 2G and it didn’t work for us, so it’s 3G or wifi all the way.

The app is free, so it’s worth a try if you are a fan of Turntable.fm. Those who never cared much for the service should probably give it a pass.

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