TVOD: Fios On Demand App Gets Upgrade, Still Doesn’t Work

In television programming, the “death slot” is a night and/or time where a TV show is almost guaranteed to fail.  (As Joss Whedon — or any of his regular cast members — can attest, that’s usually Friday nights on the Fox network.)

Verizon FiOS, it seems, has created its own “death slot” — not in their programming, but in an upgrade to their FiOS On Demand iPhone/iPad app.  In theory, the app gives FiOS subscribers the same remote control of their subscription as similar apps from cable systems like Comcast, Optimum Online, and Time-Warner.  You can scroll through lists of available movies and TV show episodes, buy or rent the content, and then — thanks to FiOS’s “Flex View” — screen the programming on your handheld device, PC, or television, regardless of where you originally “demanded” it.

Sounds fine in principle.  However (based on reviews of the upgrade), the app tends to crashes upon launch at an alarming rate.  More distressingly, this bug was allegedly fixed in the upgrade, at least for iPad 4.2.1 devices.  With a current customer-satisfaction rating of 1 1/2 stars, we’d strongly suggest you steer clear of this app until FiOS implements a little “counter-programming.”

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