What Happens When You Search for iPhone 5 on Sprint’s Website?

 Sprint iPhone search - 1

While doing some phone research, we figured it would be fun to search for iPhone 5 on Sprint’s website. What would we find? Maybe some hidden page that accidentally sees the light of day without Sprint meaning for it to get out?

Nope. Actually, the search result was kind of funny.

Sprint iPhone Search

The image above says it all. Sprint returns it as a search for “iPhone” and gives you the following message:

Your search for “iPhone” returned no 3D video or 4G speeds…

iPhone? Really? We’re in the EVO era now and the latest HTC innovation, the HTC EVO™ 3D, is only available at Sprint. Called the “ultimate entertainment phone” by PC World, this bad boy comes equipped with glasses-free 3D video, 3G/4G speeds, sophisticated styling, dual cameras, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, Android™ 2.3 and so much more. Don’t limit yourself or dumb down your smartphone with data caps, overages or reduced speed. While on the Sprint 4G network, you’ll enjoy truly unlimited data – just one more thing you won’t find with other carriers.

Ouch. Doesn’t look like they take kindly to those iPhone searches. They take it to pimp out the EVO and the EVO 3D while taking a shot at the iPhone and the data caps of “other carriers” like AT&T.

The kicker is that they will have to change all that when the iPhone 5 comes to Sprint, if the rumors are true. Of course they come from the Wall Street Journal, which has one of the best track records around when it comes to Apple-related rumors.

T-Mobile iPhone Search

We figured we would try T-Mobile as well. See if they have anything to say about the iPhone. They did:

T-Mobile iPhone Search - 1

Right under the search, they try to grab those who may already have an iPhone with a way to keep your iPhone and switch to T-Mobile with the following:

Keep your phone (or iPhone) AND switch to T-Mobile!

An easy way to save each month: Keep your phone, switch to T-Mobile!
…Have a smartphone you want to keep, like an iPhone? Switch to T-Mobile and you could save big each month! We’ll send you a FREE T-Mobile SIM card…


Sprint iPhone 5 Rumors

The rumors keep coming, and it seems that Sprint will soon have to change that search result. If the Sprint iPhone 5 becomes a reality, at least we can say we have the funny search result saved as an image.


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