What to Do if Your Apps Do Not Appear on Your iPhone

Apps are the foundation of the iPhone’s iOS operating system, and all the primary functions are in the form of these apps.  When you are purchasing or downloading free iPhone apps you will often do this from iTunes from your computer, as this will give you greater browsing power and choices.  When you are syncing over the content from your Home computer to your iPhone you may notice that some of the apps that you thought you downloaded correctly did not actually show up.  There are a few reasons that this could be taking place, so here is a how to fix the problem if your apps aren’t appearing on your iPhone.

If you find that you apps are not appearing on your iPhone once you have done a standard download and sync, the first thing you need to do is to see how many full pages of apps you are already running.  You are only allowed eleven full pages of apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but that does not mean that you are limited to the number of apps that this could display.  Instead, if you have the full number of pages then you app will simply not appear on your iPhone’s desktop.  It will still be available to use, but not immediately accessible from the touch screen.  Instead, you will have to slide left from the home screen to the Searchlight screen to search for the app among your iPhone’s available content.  You then search for the app by name and it will come up among a list of items that have similar titles, and you can then open it up from there.  This can take place both when the apps are downloaded onto your computer and then synced t


If you delete some content off of your iPhone desktop or consolidate the available apps into folders you will be able to bring that app from the invisible depths where it resides.  To do this you will select your iPhone from under the Devices heading when it is plugged into your computer, then select the Apps tab.  Here you will be able to select where the apps are positioned on your iPhone’s desktop from the entire list of available apps, and you can place it where you want so that it becomes immediately visible.


Another reason that the apps aren’t appearing on your iPhone is that they have not been selected to sync over, which can prevent several from appearing.  Go back into your iPhone when it is connected to your computers and into the Apps tab.  First, make sure that the Sync Apps box at the top is checked.  Without this none of the apps that you download will be able to sync over.  Second, go down to the app that is not appearing and make sure that the box next to it is checked.  If it is not you must make sure to check it, hit the Apply button in the lower right hand corner, and then sync your iPhone again.

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