What’s With All the Lost iPhones?

 iPhone 4 Closeup

iPhones have a bit of a history of getting misplaced. First, was last year’s huge story with the iPhone 4 being lost in a bar. Website Gizmodo was able to get a hold of it and ran the story. Surely that would be the last time Apple loses an iPhone, right?


Earlier this year, another iPhone prototype was reportedly lost at a bar. However, it doesn’t seem as it if was ever recovered, and nobody seems to know what came of that other than their being a big investigation. It’s not known how it happened again, but it did.


But that’s Not All

We can’t blame anyone at Apple for this last one, but it’s reported that Foxconn may have lost an iPhone 5 prototype a good while back. The software was completely wiped, disabling any method of GPS tracking of the device. This meant that Apple wasn’t able to find it. This is explained as the reason we have seen so many iPhone 5 cases recently. It also explains why most of the cases look the same and why it’s leading many to believe that the iPhone 5 will be thinner, yet wider.

Website M.I.C. Gadget caught wind of the story, and has even posted some images of a harder iPhone case and taken some shots of what appear to be the side of a case, best showing the tapered design we have been hearing about.

So, is this really a representation of what the iPhone 5 will look like?


Image MIC Gadget


Losing Your iPhone

Many of us have lost a phone at one time or another. It just seems that when that phone is an unreleased prototype you’d make sure not to lose it. At the very least, you’d probably try to avoid mixing alcohol and expensive prototype handsets. Oh well, live and learn.


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