White Noise: Albino iPod Touch Rumored For October Announcement

As Scuttlebutt Central gears up for the anticipated Apple fall product announcement (expected to be held in early-to-mid October), most of the chatter has centered on “IPHONE 5!  IPHONE 5!  IPHONE 5!”

But lest we forget: the iPhone isn’t the only revolutionary handheld device in the House of Jobs’ portfolio — hell, it wasn’t even the first.  That accolade still belongs to the iPod, in all its shapes, sizes, and permutations.

And yes, there are rumors afoot concerning The MP3 Player That Took Over The World: specifically, that a white-cased iPod Touch will be joining the fold. While there are also rumored to be some minor technical changes accompanying the newest iTouches (e.g. an oleophobic display coating and a revised ambient light sensor), aside from the new case color scheme, the next-gen iTouches won’t deviate greatly from their 4G predecessors.

This particular bit of speculation gained credence over the summer when white iPod touch screens were leaked into the supply chain — and then were actually installed on existing black iTouches.

A harmonic to this particular product whisper is that the iPod Nano is also up for a minor (albeit unspecificed) enhancement as well.

[Via MacRumors]

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