Would You Believe? Angry Birds Has Caused A Loss Of Billions

Every other day, we hear on a report, either released by a newspaper or a consulting firm, detailing on the loss incurred to companies due to the staff being busy doing other stuff rather working. You might have heard on certain firms being on loss as people spend more time watching the NCAA basketball tournament while on work.

You might be surprised on what we have for you. A consulting firm, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, who is usually busy on gathering info on how people spend time on games rather work. A few years back, the consulting firm gave a number for fantasy football, detailing the hobby costs companies $10.5 Billion in lost wages.

The global appeal of the game “Angry Birds” which is simply an addiction has wisely risen. In an estimate, people were seen playing 200 million minutes per day, with the game already crossed 1 Billion downloads. No one would have ever assumed that a simple game which involves pigs and birds would result to this loss, not even the developers.

According to the survey, a total of five percent of the Angry Birds hours played by Americans is at work. The Atlantic reported on the following calculation which is as follows:

The Pew income data for smartphone ownership is not that precise, particularly on the upper ($75,000+) and lower (less than $30,000) ends. I had to pick numbers, so I basically split Americans up into four categories: people earning $30,000, $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000, then I calculated simple hourly wages for those groups (income/52/40) and did a weighted average based on smartphone adoption in those categories. The $35 per hour number I used is comparable with the $38 that Challenger, Gray, and Christmas used for fantasy sports players.

In the end, the only figure we had left with was $1,516,666,667. This was the accumulated wage lost resulted by Americans who played Angry Birds at work.

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