WTF?!? Hyyyeee-YAH! New App Streams Taekwondo Matches To iPad, iPhone

Fans of the Korean martial art taekwondo are now able to get their fix wirelessly.  The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF — no, seriously) has teamed up with video solutions provider Dartfish to produce iPhone and iPad apps that will tap into the Federation’s Web TV.

An estimated 70 meeellion worldwide taekwondo aficionados will have access to the WTF’s library of nearly 9,000 matches from 30 top-rated international competitions.

The free app takes advantage of WTF’s own video-indexing, i.e. key moves/strikes in each match can be directly jumped to without watching or fast-forwarding through the entire match.  There’s also match commentary and behind-the scenes interviews with some of the sport’s key personalities.  Both Dartfish and the WTF are playing up the pending 2012 Olympics (yes, taekwondo will be a featured competition) as an excuse for both rabid fans and casual viewers to check out the new app.

(Of course, based on the screencap above, “WTF?” may be the viewer’s response to some of the competitions’ harder hits.)

[Via MarketWatch]

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