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iMessage was released as part of iOS 5. It’s a great application and it makes keeping in touch with friends a bit easier, especially if they have an iOS device. For instance, one of our buddies as at work chatting with us from his iPad. He was able to continue the conversation on his iPhone when he left for lunch.

Let’s take a look at some simple tips and tricks for iMessage. At the very least, things you should know about it.

1) Typing Shortcuts

This is one of the coolest features of iMessage. For instance, if you type OMW (or omw, Omw whatever works) the device will autofill with “On my way!” This is very cool for quick typing. We haven’t found any other shortcuts like this one, but we’ve found out how to edit them and create more. That’s next.


2) Create Shortcuts

You can create your own such shortcuts. Do this by going to General > Keyboard > Shortcuts This has omw for On My Way. You can tap on “Add New Shortcut…” to create new ones. For instance, you can make a phrase like “Be right back.” from “brb” and anything else of the sort. “OTL” can be “Out to lunch,” etc. Pretty cool.

 a) Go to General under settings.



b) Under Genera, go to keyboard:


  c) Go to Shortcuts



  d) And from there, Add New Sh0rtcut. Type the Phrase you want and the shortcut you want to use to say it:



3) Worth Knowing

iMessage does not work if the other person does not have iOS 5 or above. You will be able to send them an SMS from your iPhone if they are also on an iPhone. However, if you have iMessage and they do not, their iPhone cannot receive a message from your iPad as if it were an SMS.


4) Group Messaging

You can do group messaging in iMessage. This is as easy as creating an iMessage session and adding all the users you want to include in the chat. Again, they must have iMessage, so this may not be all that commonly used until all your friends have the service.


5) Know Where the Message is Coming From

iMessage iPhone

Another cool thing about iMessage is the indicators that let you know that both users are on the service. The speech bubbles will be blue and it will say iMessage in the input field. This is nice, because you can know whether or not you are going to be paying standard text rates or if you are using up your limit of SMS messaging. It may not be a huge deal to some who have unlimited texting, but if you have, say 200, this is makes a lot of difference.


More to Discover?

We’re sure there will be more to discover soon. We just hope that Apple decides to add iMessage to Mac OS. That would be a nice addition as iOS users and Mac users would all be able to talk. No one would be out of reach! Might be a bad thing…



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