Accessory Spotter: Cutting-Edge Magnate Case For iPhone 4/4S

AGF or AG Findings
, a company which has engineered advanced carrying solutions since 1993, serving the wireless communication industry by providing innovative technology and accessories. AGF has manufactured a number of cases and headphones including some designed exclusively for world’s most well known brands.

The company is excited to launch one of its latest offering, tagged as the Magnate™ case. Carrying an immaculate design, the chic leather-inlayed rubber case is developed using high-end materials while offering users with a “unique aesthetic appeal”, blending perfectly with your iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S.

In order to ensure maximum carrying-ability, the case has been created with a flexible rubber like material protecting you from every day drops. The case completes its design sporting genuine leather on the back of the case with contrasted stitching.

Widely researched before launch, the case comes crafted with a rib design to provide smooth grip, making the Magnate case a supreme carrying solution.

Furthermore, the interior features a textured pattern to load further shine while protecting your device from any scratches.

Adam Stubin, Vice President of Business Development, AGF, told:

We pride ourselves on offering customers the utmost in innovative and stylish cases that stand apart from the rest. The Magnate case combines functionality and fashion to deliver an unparalleled case option that consumers can feel confident will turn heads.

The case is available at an attractive price of $35.

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