App Code Giveaway – Stretch the Puzzle for iPhone and iPad

Good Morning everyone! We have more free codes. This time it’s for Stretch the Puzzle for iPhone and iPad. We checked the game out yesterday. It’s a puzzle game in which users must correctly arrange piece of an image to form a whole picture. While the game may seem a bit simple for most adults, it’s very child-friendly and we found it to be a nice parent/child activity.

Hit the jump for the codes:



Here’s some info from the app’s page:

Stretch The Puzzle is true fun for the entire family. Kids will see their logic and problem-solving
capabilities increase, while the game’s content controls keep a “Chinese wall” between their puzzles
and those more suitable for grownups. Need to take a break during game play?

Don’t worry: each round is concise but still challenging, with niceties like animated backgrounds,
peaceful background music, and the ability to view or hide outline frames on each puzzle piece.

Can’t figure out the game play? Switch to training mode and practice to your heart’s content. Share
your results with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Even send comments, critiques, and suggestions for
future puzzles from inside the app! Stretch The Puzzle: it’s simple, memorable, and you’ll fall in
love with it.

Here’s our review.



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