and a History of Tributes


Beautiful image by Jonathan Mak of Hong Kong (Credit)

In’s entire history, they have run three tributes on their website. Each was done in remembrance of someone who made an impact in some way. The first was George Harrison, the second was Rosa Parks and the most recent, of course, is Steve Jobs.

Let’s take a quick look at those tributes now.

The first was George Harrison:


It was a rotation of three images of Harrison (Image of Apple homepage via writersblocklive)


A Great Image of Rosa Parks with the old Apple campaign “Think Different”

(Image of Apple homepage via writersblocklive)

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It turns out that the Rosa Parks and George Harrison homepage tributes had links to full-page biographies on the Apple site detailing their lives and more. Very cool.

We’d suggest checking out Writersblocklive, which originally posted the story. In it you will find how Apple’s tribute pages came to be. It’s a very interesting read and is a great story. Link

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