Apple iPhone Comes to Sprint

The reports were true. Sprint users will soon be able to use the iPhone on their carrier to an official capacity. Today, Apple and Sprint announced that the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 will be available on the network. With the new World Phone, Sprint has been made a player in this market.

Beginning October 14th , 2011, Sprint will begin carrying the iPhone 4s alongside AT&T and Verizon. AT&T has had the iPhone since the beginning, as they signed an exclusivity deal with Apple. Verizon picked it up earlier this year.

It will be a new experience to see how well the iPhone sells across the various networks. It’s important to remember, that even though the iPhone 4’s sales on Verizon were no pushover, the device didn’t quite sell to its potential. This is because the handset was already nearly a year old, and it was a time when many expected the iPhone 5 (as it was known back then) to release within the next four months.


Note: Iphone 5 on Sprint typo was fixed.

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